Angling is one of the most popular participation sports in the UK. People of all ages and walks of life enjoy the many different types of fishing available, whether it be in the sea or freshwater and for a meal or just pleasure.

The Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is the governing body for all forms of angling in England and Wales. On this stand you can learn all about the work of the Trust and hopefully join up to support their work. You can also learn how, when and where to get started.

Not only do they offer advise but also free lessons at the show, whether it’s on land in the dry skills arena or on the water at selected venues only.

Get hooked ! Experts on hand to show you how.

The Salmon & Trout Conservation U.K

Visit the Salmon and trout stand inside the fishing marquee alongside the Angling Trust. The stand is full of helpful information and fly fishing, fishing techiques and conservation.


Fly Casting Tuition

The Salmon and Trout Association will be on hand to offer advice and fly casting lessions with expert tuition. 

Have a go and test your skills.



Our expert fishermen will teach you the ancient art of fly-tying – and you may even be good enough to enter our annual competition.

Split Cane Rod Making

Whoever thought of splitting a piece of bamboo, planning and tapering the split pieces then joining them to make a hexagonal fishing rod ?

Peter Johnson appears in the Angling Trust stand to demonstrate the age old art of split cane rod making. Fascinating to watch and enjoyable to listen to, Peter brings this skill to life.

Our Other Events