The World of Dogs is a dedicated area for every dog lover. With arena displays, fun dog shows, multi scurry and chase the bunny there is plenty for your dog to take part in and enjoy!

Gundog Multi-scurry

Gundog Multi-Scurry

Another have-go-opportunity for the family dog: New for 2021 this section of the show will be run by jixenwell gundogs with a selection of multi scurries.

The Gundog Scurry at the Living Heritage Game and Country Fairs will be an opportunity for each and every person to come along with their dog and have a go! Each day of the event James and Davina will be running a number of events for you to come along and enter on the day. For those people wishing to have a bit of a challenge, the events will be timed and split into 3 categories of Junior Handler, Novice and Open. Prizes will be available for the top 3 times, but also there will be bonus prizes available for those people who are brand new to the Gundog World.


Lure Crazy will be attending all of our Game and Country Fairs and will be holding both Lurcher Racing and Lurcher Showing at each event. Look out for the Greyhound Racing at selected shows. 

For more information please click here. 

Chase the Bunny

If your dog loves to chase this could be their moment!  Dogs are matched to general size and speed and race to chase the lure around the arena.  Great fun to both take part in and to watch – especially when the dogs run in completely the opposite direction, or find a more interesting smell. Don’t worry: your dog won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last!

Gun Dog Clinic

Having problems training your gun dog? Or even your family pet? Visit our gun dog clinic, run by expert handler Anthea Shelley for some friendly advice.

Individual Minor Breeds

We have a variety of minor breeds, from manchester terriers through Australian terriers, Otterhounds and Lancashire Heelers to name but a few. Come and meet some of these lesser known breeds; make a new friend and ask their expert and enthusiastic handlers any questions you might have.


The hounds will be with us in the World of Dogs Arena, demonstrating how they work together as a pack. This is a working hunt, and they go out regularly following the trail of a ‘runner’ (a human being who sets out about forty minutes ahead). The hounds will follow the runner’s scent over many miles until eventually he is caught, and probably licked all over!

Come and hear more, You may even get the opportunity to run… You will also get the opportunity to meet the hounds from Burne Bloodhounds, also based in the World of Dogs Arena. They will be parading at selected shows in the Andy Singleton Arena, which has space for their horses too!

Fun Dog Show

Waggy Tails – Fun Dog Show

Twenty classes for dogs of any breed, size or age. From junior handlers through to prettiest bitch, waggiest tail and the infamous fancy dress class, there is something for every dog.

Classes cost £1.50 to enter (bookings taken all day). Judging starts at 1.30pm. Our aim is to put the FUN back into dog shows. We do not take ourselves seriously at all, so don’t worry if your dog doesn’t either!

Please note fancy dress for you and your dog optional – Good Luck


Doggy Shopping

Your dog will want you to do some shopping around the World Of Dogs Arena where we have every possible treat for the well deserving pampered pooch, as well as a few for their owners!


Minor Breeds Marquee.

Come along and see the various minors breeds in our World of Dogs section of the show. This includes dogs that are professionally breed with some rare and unusual types from long haired, short, curly haired, small dogs, big dogs and all different types fo dogs.

Some of which often exhibit at Cruft’s and other recognised dog breed events.

It’s a great chance to visit them and learn about the different breeds, met the owners and get advice.

Please note breeds may vary from show to show