The Sandringham Cup 

An international chainsaw carving event with sixteen carvers from around the world.

Pictured is the winning carving of The Sandringham Cup 2019 Russian Chainsaw Carver – Aleksandr Ivchenko.

This will be following a similar format to the English Open Chainsaw Carving Competition.

Each carver will have three days to produce a main carving of any design that they wish, these are then scored from a panel of judges determined by skill, difficulty and originality.

Each carver will pick his or her own piece of timber via a log drew taken before the show. Over the first two days they can work on the carving from 8am till 6pm with the winner and main auction taking place during the afternoon of the final day of the show. 

To be held at the Sandringham Craft & Wood Festival 11th, 12th & 13th April 2020, Sandringham,Kings Lynn, PE356EN

For a List of Registered Carvers please click here.