Horseboarding UK

Horseboarding UK is an extreme sport which combines horse riding and mountain boarding.

Voted ‘the sixth most extreme adventure sport in the world’ by Travel Supermarket

A rider on a horse tows the boarder on an off road skateboard or ATB around a twisting, turning course in the fastest time possible while reaching speeds of 28mph into the first turn.


Described as ‘the coolest thing you’re not doing with your horse’ by Horse Network

The board rider is towed by holding a tow handle and rope which is attached to the horse’s saddle by means of a specially Horseboarding Thame Country Fairdesigned saddle harness via a quick release system which is easily triggered.

ITV described horseboarding UK as ‘The ultimate team sport

The team is made up of three brains that must think as one if they are to win the race. With finishing margins often less than a second, there is no room for mistakes.

BBC said ‘It shows how much force and power there is when you’re behind a horse’

This spectator sport is easy to get behind and enjoy as the teams allow their horses to gallop around the course whilst the board riders try to hold on to the handle. A challenge which they often fail to accomplish, Horseboarding Thame Country Fairso be prepared to see some spectacular boarder crashes!

I have seen it. It’s great’ – Chris Evans

During your day at Cheshire Country Fair you will get to see horseboarding in two arenas: the Novice in the Countryside Arena whilst the Intermediate and Elite battle it out in the Andy Singleton Arena for the all important championship points and the title of National Horseboarding Champion World Leaders.

Horseboarding UK is made up of some of the best teams in the world. Who have now raced in Holland, Denmark and Horseboarding Thame Country FairGermany. There are three Guinness World record Holders, three Horseboarding International World Record Holders and of course the current two times National Champions, Chill Winston. They will be defending their title against a very hungry pack which includes Pocket Rocket, Top N Tails, Just wing it and others all looking for their first Championship win.

2018 was the closest final we have ever seen with the eventual difference between first and second place being only 3 pints, which boils down to a 1% margin of error between the top teams over the whole season. Who will be the 2019 champion? find a good spot next to the arena to find out.

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