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As a group, Yellow Ribbon covers the period of American history from 1874 to 1878,  portraying the 7 th Cavalry under General Custer as well as the lives of cowboys.
All our uniform/kit is period correct and our living history displays consist of both a cavalry and cowboy encampments of the period. We perform show and tell displays Yellow Ribbon Re-enactment Burghley Country Fairabout the lives, kit and equipment of both the 7 th Cavalry and cowboys and we also perform a skirmish showing a possible scenario based around historical facts from the period.
Yellow Ribbon are a most friendly and approachable group who will happily interact with members of the public to discuss the period we portray and to answer any questions the public have regarding the period, our kit and encampments.

Moment in Time

moment in time living history cheshire game and country fairFormed in 2010 from an initial idea of a small group of re-enactors with over 75 years of experience between them, A Moment in Time brings together the best of Living History re-enacting.

Since its inception, A Moment in Time has grown to offer many different periods of history within a variety of displays, encompassing eras from early Medieval through to the Mid 20th Century.

Building on a reputation for high standards and identifying the ever increasing need for the more intimate experience, we continue to attract the dedicated living historian to assemble displays which offer closer interaction for both visitors and Moment in Time Burghley Country Showparticipants alike.

Our members make the time to talk and discuss the period of history they portray with our visitors, something that is not always possible to do at large scale re-enactment events. This friendly approach to events is at the very heart of A Moment in Time and leads to a much more enjoyable adventure through history.

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