Judy Hempstead of WhipCurl Canine Resolve has been running gundog demonstrations, training sessions, parades & gundog pavilions for the Minority Gundog Breeds for the past 12 years but has been involved with gundogs for over 45 years. She has owned, shown and worked Irish Water Spaniels, cockers & Labradors. She is an accredited Kennel Club Trainer & works with a range of breeds to help their owners overcome any training issues.

Judy also has a team of trainees who train with her regularly with a range of breeds Labradors, springers, cockers, golden retriever’s, vizsla’s, pointers & some x-breeds who like to do gundog work. Her team visit shows and put on demonstrations at many local shows.

Judy runs her training school WhipCurl Canine Resolve from her home in East Sussex & travels to different areas to do training sessions for breed clubs & private groups.

Judy being very fond of the rarer gundog breeds set up the Minority Working Retriever Club in 2019, these are the lesser known and rarer breeds not often seen in and around, shoots or in gundog demonstrations. Judy has brought together teams of handlers keen to showcase their dogs’ natural working ability.  You could see in action any of the 5 minority retrievers which include the (Irish Water Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever & the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) Judy works Closely with the Working Minority Breeds Spaniel Club who are involved in the demonstrations also, you will also see any of the 7 minority spaniels participating, (Clumber, Field, Sussex, American Cocker, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog & Lagotto Romagnolo. These rarer breeds will be present at the shows for the public to meet and learn about these fascinating breeds from their knowledgeable owners.

The Minority Gundog team combined with Judys WhipCurl Team demonstrate the different stages of training & how we develop these breeds from puppies to fully trained adult-dogs, ready to work in the field or at working tests or as happy contented pets.   Our demonstration simulates as close as we can the dogs’ natural working environment.  We keep our training fun and relaxed which suits the unique characteristic & abilities of these rare and beautiful breeds.

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