The Crabstock Boys Andy and Adrian with their tales of the open sea and how to cook what you catch.

Crabstock® is about teaching people about the health benefits of eating Great British shellfish as well as the social and economic importance of supporting the country’s fishing industry. We fully believe that our shellfish is the best in the world and that we should do all that we can to keep all our wonderful, nutritious, sustainable shellfish on the menu.

Crabstock® is (also) a fantastic opportunity to engage local inland communities, and our tag line for many years has been “Bringing the Coast to the Countryside” Since 2015 we launched a pop up seafood Fruit-de-mer restaurant “Crab, Stock & 2 Smoking Lobsters” serving a full seafood platter featuring some of the finest and freshest UK Seafood and is located at various food festivals around the UK and every year it just goes from strength to strength.

Collectively known as The Crabstock Boys we tour the UK with our very unique Crab Picking, Fish Filleting and cookery demos, we like to think that we entertain the audience as well as educating them in a fun way.

In May 2019 we were proud to become Ambassadors for Love British Food.

Craftstock on Stage
Country Kitchen Crabstock Boys
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