A Country Day Out

We focus on traditional countryside pursuits as well as some more up to date ones

on the edge at sandringham country show

On The Edge

The On The Edge Motorcycle Stunt Trials Display Team consists  of the world’s best stunt riders. The show consists of 15ft jumps up vertical walls, amazing ‘drop offs’ and a full range of freestyle tricks, some of which can only be attempted by a handful of riders throughout the world!


Falconry Displays

Watch these stunning birds of prey as they swoop and soar above the Countryside Arena. Handled by some of the UK’s top Falconry Burghley Country Fairfalconers, under the leadership of Ben Long Falconry, you will be able to watch the different ways in which different types of birds are flown and how they were used in different sporting and hunting activities. You will even get a chance to meet them up close!

You can meet the birds and their handlers afterwards in the designated Falconry Marquee.


Shire Horse Logging

An Interesting arena demonstration illustrating how timber was handled prior to the mechanised systems of work that are standard today. Indeed Shire Horses are still used today where terrain or ground conditions are to extreme to allow motorised access.

The displays are given by Tom & Jo Henfrey and Son, the home of “Park Percherons”, Percherons are one of the oldest draft horses in the world originating in Western France.

Tom & Jo Henfrey have been British Heavy Horse Driven Champions on many occasions with our pair and team. Having won numerous county shows over the last 40 years, and enjoy giving all kinds of demonstrations.



Angling Demonstrations

angling demonstrationWe may be lacking in water in the Countryside Arena, but our angling experts Peter Johnson and Barry Grantham will be welcoming young volunteers into the arena to learn about fly casting in this informative demonstration.

If this grabs your interest, head over to our Angling Marquee where you can book your own individual tuition in the beautiful Burghley House Lake, or ask any questions of our angling experts from Trout and Salmon Conservation UK or the Angling Trust.


horseboarding at Burghley Game and Country Fair


The Beginner and Intermediate Heats tend to be held in the slightly smaller Countryside Arena. Come and watch the thrills and spills as they navigate the obstacle course on a skateboard behind a galloping horse!


Walk Up Shoot Thame Country Fair

Gundog Demonstrations

Gun dog experts Paul Makepeace and Aubrey Ladyman will be showing how they train their Spaniel and Retriever dogs from tiny puppies right through to reliable dogs, able to participate in a day’s shoot. They will also be showing you how to overcome some of the difficulties which can arise in training and will be open to any questions afterwards if you are wondering how to proceed with your own dog!


Gundogs and Falconrygundogs and falconry

Don’t miss the incredible synergy of these gun dogs and birds of prey working together. Although the dog is a natural predator to the bird, with Paul Makepeace handling the dogs, and Ben Long handling the birds, they work together as dogs and birds did in Tudor times.


Pinxtons Puppets


Pinxton Puppets

The question everybody is asking: Will Little Red Riding Hood escape the Big Bad Wolf again? And if she does, will he then turn his attentions on the Three Little Pigs? Great traditional fun for children of all ages!



On the Warren with Simon Whitehead

Returning to demonstrate at the Living Heritage game and country shows is Simon Whitehead of Pakefield Ferrets. Rabbit controller, author and sporting journalist, Simon brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to highlight the relationship between man, wild rabbit, the countryside and the table.

Pakefield ferrets at Thame Country FairSimon, a unique character it must be said, displays and demonstrate in a very unique manner, that has to be seen to be believed. Educational, amusing and entertaining are just a few descriptions to describe how Simon poetically sells the virtues of ferrets and ferreting to his audience.

During his educational, amusing and entertaining action-packed demonstration, the unscripted drama blossoms as he regales the ferret’s journey through the passage of time. Often copied but never bettered, Simon backs up the provenance of his show by earning his living not only “rabbiting” but writing, filming and acting as a consultant to media and production companies.

All of these aspects of ferrets and ferreting combine to make a package that makes it an unequalled demonstration amongst the arena acts across the UK. Simon definitely puts the “ferret” pakefield ferrets living heritage country fairback into ferreting.

As ferreting is normally carried out in unsociable surroundings and often in solitude, Simon makes full use of the arena demonstration and static display to explain and illustrate why ferreting is fast becoming a more sought-after pastime in the countryside and towns of the UK.

The ferreter is the epitome of the organic and environmentally friendly hunter/gatherer and as such continues to educate about the merits of rabbit as a first class organic, free range meat for the table. A raconteur of some repute, Simon can display, demonstrate, and educate his traditional craft that has not only survived the growth in technology but prospered, illustrating why the Pakefield Ferrets motto of “ensuring the tradition of ferreting is continued for further generations” is long remembered after the final curtain.

For the first time, Simon will also be in the Country Kitchen to illustrate the merits of rabbits as a sustainable wild food. From harvesting to field dressing, breaking them down to cooking a simple dish, Simon will illustrate why the rabbit is now becoming a much sought-after addition to our diets. Due to the demand for cementing the provenance of his rabbits, Simon is now taking people and groups out to show them the full circle. Harvesting rabbits in an organic manner, breaking them down and cooking them just metres from where they were harvested.

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