Shire Horse Logging


An Interesting arena demonstration illustrating how timber was handled prior to the mechanised systems of work that are standard today. Indeed Shire Horses are still used today where terrain or ground conditions are to extreme to allow motorised access.


The displays are given by Tom & Jo Henfrey and Son, the home of “Park Percherons”, Percherons are one of the oldest draft horses in the world originating in Western France.


Tom & Jo Henfrey have been British Heavy Horse Driven Champions on many occasions with our pair and team. Having won numerous county shows over the last 40 years, and enjoy giving all kinds of demonstrations.


Falconry Displays


Watch these stunning birds of prey as they swoop and soar above the Countryside Arena. Handled by some of the UK’s top Falconry Burghley Country Fairfalconers, under the leadership of Ben Long Falconry, you will be able to watch the different ways in which different types of birds are flown and how they were used in different sporting and hunting activities. You will even get a chance to meet them up close!


You can meet the birds and their handlers afterwards in the designated Falconry Marquee.


Pinxton Puppets


The question everybody is asking: Will Little Red Riding Hood escape the Big Bad Wolf again? And if she does, will he then turn his attentions on the Three Little Pigs? Great traditional fun for children of all ages!

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