At Living Heritage Game and Country Shows you will find lots to see and lots to do. With three show arena with country sports and pursuits to keep you entertained all day. The Andy Singleton Arena is the largest show arena with fast and furious displays. The Countryside Arena has specialist displays and demonstrations such as falconry, fishing and ferreting. Both these arenas have selected country exhibitors and trade stands. The dedicated Dog Arena is situated in the “World of Dogs” section of the show. Everything for the dog lover from for you and your pet to watch and participate.

Knight on horse

Steamhorse - Traditional Joust Show

Cheer for the Black Knight or the Golden Prince as they joust for the favour of fair maidens, turn a blind eye to cheating squires, and laugh at the antics of our naughty jester!

With breath-taking jousting displays, original storylines, movie-quality armour and colourful costumes, the Knights of Albion really push out all the stops to make their show something extra special.

Using professional stunt riders, jousters, acrobats, musicians and performers, along with our beautiful trick trained Spanish and Friesian horses, we really bring an all-star action-packed performance to any event.

Where: Main Arena

Horseboarding UK

Our horse boarders will be on their fifth heat of the 2019 championships. An exciting extreme sport, where a boarder is pulled at speeds of up to 31mph around a series of obstacles by a galloping horse. Sounds crazy? It may be – but it’s also incredibly skillful and great fun to watch. We have both Elite and Intermediate heats in the Andy Singleton Arena (Novice in the Countryside Arena) Expect thrills and spills and plenty of flying mud!

Where: Countryside Arena

Scurry Trials and Driving

In their fifth heats of the British Championships; these teams of ponies with their skilled drivers work their way around an arena full of obstacles in the fastest possible time.

Where: Countryside Arena


Chase The Bunny

A firm Living Heritage Favourite! If your dog loves to chase this could be their moment! Dogs are matched to general size and speed and race to chase the lure around the arena. Great fun to both take part in and to watch – especially when the dogs run in completely the opposite direction, or find a more interesting smell. Don’t worry: your dog won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last!

Where: Dog Arena



Watch these stunning birds of prey as they swoop and soar above the above your heads. Handled by some of the UK’s top falconers, under the leadership of Ben Long Falconry, you will learn how they are flown, used in sport, worked with dogs and you will enjoy out pageant of riders, birds and dogs, all in Tudor costume, and demonstrating falconry on horseback – just as it used to be done.

Again, you are welcome to meet the birds afterwards in the designated Falconry Marquee.

Where: Countryside Arena

Gundogs and Falconry Display

Don’t miss the incredibly synergy of these gun dogs and birds of prey working together.  Although the dog is a natural predator to the bird, with Paul Makepeace handling the dogs, and Ben Long handling the birds they work together as dogs and birds did in Tudor times.

Where: Countryside Arena

Walk Up Shoot

Have you ever wondered exactly what happens on a shoot?  This is your chance to find out. With their team of gun dogs in various stages of training, Paul Makepeace of Trochery Gundogs, and Aubrey Ladyman will be taking us through how the dogs are used at every stage, from beating with spaniels, flushing the birds out, through to pointing and retrieval in a variety of tricky situations. They will also be demonstrating how gun dogs – both Spaniels and Retrievers – are trained.

Where: Countryside Arena 

Security Dog Display

In action the Steel City IGP Display Team. A Security Dog Display Team showing the technical skills and tatics used by both the dog and his owner.

Where: Countryside Arena, Dog Arena


Angling Demonstration

We may be lacking in water in the Countryside Arena, but our angling expertswill be welcoming young volunteers into the arena to learn about fly casting in this informative demonstration.

If this grabs your interest, head over to our angling marquee where you can book your own individual tuition in the beautiful Burghley House Lake, or ask any questions of our angling experts from Trout and Salmon Conservation UK or the Angling Trust.

Where: Angling Arena


On the Warren with Simon Whitehead

As ferreting is normally carried out in unsociable surroundings and often in solitude, Simon makes full use of the arena demonstration and static display to explain and illustrate why ferreting is fast becoming a more sought-after pastime in the countryside and towns of the UK.

The ferreter is the epitome of the organic and environmentally friendly hunter/gatherer and as such continues to educate about the merits of rabbit as a first class organic, free range meat for the table. A raconteur of some repute, Simon can display, demonstrate and educate his traditional craft that has not only survived the growth in technology but prospered, illustrating why the Pakefield Ferrets motto of “ensuring the tradition of ferreting IS continued for further generations” is long remembered after the final curtain.

Simon will also be in the Country Kitchen to illustrate the merits of rabbits as a sustainable wild food. From harvesting to field dressing, breaking them down to cooking a simple dish, Simon will illustrate why the rabbit is now becoming a much sought-after addition to our diets. Due to the demand for cementing the provenance of his rabbits, Simon is now taking people and groups out to show them the full circle. Harvesting rabbits in an organic manner, breaking them down and cooking them just metres from where they were harvested.

Where: Countryside Arena, Country Kitchen


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