Knight on horse

Horse Boarding

An exciting extreme sport is back. 
A boarder on what can only be described as a big skate board with bigger wheels attached to a horse and rider, with speeds of over 30 mph around a series of obstacles.
The main aim is speed without touching or hitting the obstacles or penalty points are incurred. The fastest lap is the winner, sounds simple yes but these guys have no fear and on more than one occasion the boarder becomes detached from the horse and sometimes in spectacular fashion.

Where: Main Arena



Watch these stunning birds of prey as they swoop and soar above the above your heads. Handled by some of the UK’s top falconers, under the leadership of Ben Long Falconry, you will learn how they are flown, used in sport, worked with dogs and you will enjoy out pageant of riders, birds and dogs, all in Tudor costume, and demonstrating falconry on horseback – just as it used to be done.

Again, you are welcome to meet the birds afterwards in the designated Falconry Marquee.

Where: Falconry Arena

 Scurry Driving

A timed horse event where competitors run a course with obstacles. The ponies, usually in pairs pull a carriage that is operated by a driver and groom that balances a cart behind the ponies.

The teams take it in turn completing the course that is set inside the main arena.

There are different categories from novice to professional, and different sizes of the ponies. 

All have to work together as fast as they can through the obstacles such as cones and gates which are only a few centimetres wider than the carriage. 

If an obstacle is knocked or missed then penalty time is added to their overall finishing time. The winner at the end is the team that finishes the fastest and usually the one with the least mistakes.

It’s a fun action-packed event that is well worth watching.

Where: Main Arena

Tigers Children's Motorcycle Display Team

The Tigers Motorcycle DIsplay Team

Over the past 25 years these children have been exciting the crowds all over the UK with their spectacular displays and motorbike skills.

The team consists of boys and girls aged between 5-15 years.

Presenting high speed manoeuvres and jumping through fire, even 1-2-3-4 car jumps.

As seen on TV these kids are truly professional and have raised thousands of pounds for children’s charities.

Where: Main Arena

Shetland Ponies

JPL Racing

One of my favourite attractions will be joining us at the Warwickshire Game & Country Fair.

A must for all of you racing enthusiast with pony and young jockey racing and jumping hurdles around the race course – It’s a mini Grand National.

Where: Main Arena

Gundogs and Falconry Display

Don’t miss the incredibly synergy of these gun dogs and birds of prey working together.  Although the dog is a natural predator to the bird, with Paul Makepeace handling the dogs, and Ben Long handling the birds they work together as dogs and birds did in Tudor times.

Where: Main Arena

Chris Green

Chris Green – Wildfowling

A demonstration of Wildfowling showing all the tricks of the trade to become an expert wildfowler, someone that hunts wildfowl such as geese and wild ducks for game. Chris Green is an all round Countryman with a wealth of experience in hunting all types of game.

He has appeared on a number of TV shows including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “A Cook on the Wild Side”, and Rick Stein’s “Food Heroes”.

Please beware there may well be a number of loud bangs in his display.

Where: Falconry / Dog Arena

Walk Up Shoot

Have you ever wondered exactly what happens on a shoot?  This is your chance to find out. With their team of gun dogs in various stages of training, Paul Makepeace of Trochery Gundogs, and Aubrey Ladyman will be taking us through how the dogs are used at every stage, from beating with spaniels, flushing the birds out, through to pointing and retrieval in a variety of tricky situations. They will also be demonstrating how gun dogs – both Spaniels and Retrievers – are trained.

Where:  Dog Arena

Pakefield Ferrets

A unique character in modern day Britain, if not the world, Simon is not only one of a small band of people that make their entire living from rabbits in all of their guises, but who educates about his passion at events.

Experience and enjoyment forms the provenance of his demonstrations. Simon has a unique arena demonstration and educationally and amusing are just two words used to describe how he sells the virtues of the full mechanics of ferreting to the wider world whilst enticing them into his world of ferrets, dogs and rabbits.

Where: Countryside Arena

Sheep Dog Display

A Favourite at any Country Fair is the skills and obedience of the Sheep dog and his master. 
Watch the dog at work in the arena collecting the sheep to his masters commands in this display of teamwork that can be seen at work on any farm. 

Where: Countryside Arena

Chase The Bunny

A firm Living Heritage Favourite! If your dog loves to chase this could be their moment! Dogs are matched to general size and speed and race to chase the lure around the arena. Great fun to both take part in and to watch – especially when the dogs run in completely the opposite direction, or find a more interesting smell. 

Where: Dog Arena

Angling Demonstration

Our angling experts welcome young volunteers  to learn about fly casting with our informative demonstrations.

If this grabs your interest, head over to our angling marquee where you can book your own individual tuition or ask any questions of our angling experts from Trout and Salmon Conservation UK

Where: Fishing Arena


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