Within The Shooting Village marquee, we have a variety of different field sport activities for all ages and abilities under one roof at every show, so come and have a go! We have Archery, Airguns and Paintballing. Learn from our expert and friendly tutors, pick up a new skill, leave with a smile!

For those new to the sports, all organisations are uniquely equipped and qualified to safely introduce you to Airgun Shooting and Paintball. 

Shooting Target


ATEO – Airguns

This year, the ATEO Range is again exclusive to Living Heritage and forms the partnership with Bow Bees  Archery and RAPTOR paintball in The Shooting Village. Suitable for beginners and those wanting a bit more experience, all our coaches are fully trained and certificated.

For the more seasoned air gun enthusiast, there are competitions alongside the opportunity to try out some more exclusive items of equipment before you buy.

Within the range there will be 7 separate disciplines:

  • 20 metre paper target and 40 metre knock down target bench rest ranges, with extreme lengths of 40 plus at shows where space is available. Test and use the full BSA range; the new Brocock and Daystate rifles.
  • Airgun clinic ( subject to time allocation) bring your own gun and discuss issues, if you want to book a slot, please contact us via Facebook page.
  • Speed Shoot with light up targets using a CO2 pistol, pit your skills against the clock and see if you can set a new record in 2021!
  • Tesro pistols and rifles on show, with availability of a full blown 20 min lesson using Olympic 10 metre range (subject to time availability) using these unique, handmade Tesro air guns – come and experience the Tesro smile!
  • 20m competition qualifiers, sponsored by BSA, using BSA GOLDSTAR.

Good luck!

Shooting Village


On Point Archery – Crossbow


A New addition to our Shooting Village this year is On Point Archery with their Crossbow range.

Crossbow archery is a sport of the archery discipline in which a crossbow is used instead of a regular bow. The sport is divided into two major types, match crossbow and field crossbow, depending on the style of shooting.

You now have the chance to have ago yourself even if you have never had a go at Archery before or an expert Archer the crossbow gives you a chance to try something new.

Open to all ages, come along and have a go – you know you want too…



RAPTOR (Responsive Aiming and Tactical Operation Range) is as far as we can find, the first of its kind anywhere in the UK, and uses magazine fed paintball markers and a variety of tactical equipment to deliver a more realistic and unique paintball experience. Many people are put of from taking part in paintball because of the physical nature of the game and the pain from being hit!  Well, our range takes the ‘pain’ out of paintball by shooting at interactive targets which don’t shoot back, all within a relaxed yet competitive environment!

Bow Bees Archery

We are a husband-and-wife team, working to provide a professional service to the many people who visit the Living Heritage Country Fairs.Our aim to offer a unique opportunity to try archery, in a safe and secure environment by providing tuition, support and the correct equipment to enjoy a “have a go session”. Our biggest aim is to provide customer satisfaction, offer advice and knowledge, but above all make sure our customers have a good time and leave with a smile on their face.

Who knows, even inspire them to take up archery in one or more of its many forms.

Working in conjunction with, but independently of ATEO and RAPTOR paintball, within the shooting village we aim to offer our customers a unique opportunity to try, and enjoy, archery in a safe environment Initially we will be using one piece recurve bows.
We will have a variety of targets including 3D (field targets) and target bosses using various target faces (excluding “zombie” or anything approximating a human figure).
We will provide a fun experience for all ages and abilities, after all a smiling customer is a happy customer.
As time progresses, we aim to increase the diversity of our equipment, factoring in different bow styles and expanding on our range of targets, incorporating some of the larger more unusual 3D targets.

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Clay Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a thrilling experience, demanding calm concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Perfect your aim and shots and soon you will be notching up your ‘kills’.

Of course, these are not real birds and no one gets hurt, making it a great sport for all – young and old, men and women alike. Why not find out if you have what it takes on the ‘Have a Go’ stand and see if you can become a crack marksman in one of Britain’s fastest growing sports.

Clay Shooting

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