Come and have a go at a working test at  Burghley Game and Country Fair.

We will not be running it under Club / Society rules or Kennel Club rules,

It will be run by RTB Gundog Training & Events as come and have a go at a Working Test.

  1. There will be 2 covers with dummies in, the owner will give a left or right directional command and then the appropriate dummy will be retrieved. The dog must deliver to hand.
  2. There will be a water retrieve. This will involve a dummy fired out of an auto dummy launcher, the dog will retrieve the dummy out of water and must not shake before the dummy is in the owner’s hand.
  3. There will be a blind retrieve. (RTB will tell the owner as to which dummy to go for.) The dog must deliver to hand.
  4. There will be a stop to shot with a seen retrieve. This will involve a shot being fired with a starting pistol. The owner will stop their dog on the way out to retrieve, then instruct the dog to go back to retrieve the dummy. Deliver to hand.

There will be a maximum time limit for each participant and dog of 8 minutes to try and complete all four elements of the test.

RTB Gundog Training & Events 

Rick Barrow Mob: 07702710097

Working Test
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