Lurchers and Terriers

The Lurcher show and running events are open to all, so even if your lovable lurcher is just your family companion, lurchers lure crazy cheshire game and country fairbring them along, give them the chance to surprise you “they normally do”!
So if there , big , small, rough or smooth come along to the lurcher area and have a chat to one of the Lure Crazy team who will be only to happy to help and advise you in giving your lurchers the day out they deserve!

Again this year is the triple jump, run as a knock out comp, over a 50mtr track and consisting of three different elements; a hurdle, a short spread and a slightly higher up right jump, designed to make the dogs think a bit.

We will also be running straight racing at all the venues all events are split into under 23″ and 23″ and over as normal.

We will start booking in at 9.00am like last year and start at approx. 10.00amlurchers world of dogs country fair

Running events are from 10.00am and show ring start approx 2,30pm

Selected venues will have simulated coursing.

Last year we introduced grey hound racing at some of our shows which proved a great success, watch out for further details.


Showing Starts 2.30pm (Approx)
Child Handler classes £1  All other classes £1.

1. Rough Lurcher puppy under 6mth
2.  Smooth Lurcher puppy under 6mth
3.  Rough Lurcher puppy 6-12mths
4.  Smooth Lurcher puppy 6-12mths
5.  Puppy Championship – 1st place winners from classes 1 to 4

Lurcher classes 5-13 all dogs over 12mths 22.
5. 21” & under dog or bitch
6. Rough Bitch under 23”
7. Rough Dog under 23”
8. Smooth Bitch under 23”
9. Smooth Dog under 23”
10. Rough Bitch 23” and over
11. Rough Dog 23” and over
12. Smooth Bitch 23” and over
13. Smooth Dog 23” and over
Lurcher Championship – 1st place winners from classes 5 to 13

14. Child handler (up to 10yrs)
15. Child handler (10 to 16yrs)
16. Purebred Sighthound Puppy up to 12mths
classes 17-25 all dogs to be over 12mths

17. Sapling 12-18mths
18. Working pair (must be at least one Lurcher)
19. Bull cross dog or bitch (Stonelands Qualifier)
20. Working Lurcher, off lead section required (Stonelands Qualifier)
21. Purebred sighthound
22. Bedlington cross dog or bitch
23. Best Rescue
24. Veteran 8yrs & over
25. Family compaion Lurcher
Pick of the Mix Championship – 1st place winners from classes 16 to 25

Extra classes in Ring 2 may be added at the discretion of the show organisers


chase the bunny world of dogs arena cheshire game and country showThe Terrier Championships organised by the Living Heritage team of Kevin Bradley and Cliff Waite.  Kev will be responsible for the terrier racing in the World of Dogs Arena twice daily at 11am and 3.30pm, and Cliff will be managing the show ring.

Judging will be by selected independent judges, and the Terrier Championships of 2020 will be held at Hampshire Country Fair on Sunday 11th October.

Showing commences 1pm, registration from 11am

Working Terrier Classes

  1. Child handler (judging the way the dog is handled)terrier showing
  2. All puppies 4-6months – any breed – dog or bitch
  3. Dog pup under 12 months
  4. Bitch pup under 12 months
  5. Jack Russell smooth dog
  6. Jack Russell rough dog
  7. Border type dog
  8. Lakeland type dog
  9. Black Fell/ Patterdale type dog
  10. Cross bred dog
  11. Jack Russell smooth bitch
  12. Jack Russell rough bitch
  13. Border type bitch
  14. Lakeland type bitch
  15. Black Fell/ Patterdale type bitch
  16. Cross bred bitch
  17. Any variety terrier not previously shown on schedule
  18. Veterans over 7 years, dog or bitch
  19. Classes 5-17 for Champion and Reserve Terrier