Get Involved In Our Events.

There is absolutely loads to have a go at when you spend a day at Sandringham Game and Country Fair. We know that smaller people like to do, not just watch, and we have opportunities for them to have a go at things they will be bursting to write about in their weekend book when they get back to school! (Please note, places are restricted to first come, first served and there may be a height/age restriction on some activities)

ATEO Air Rifle Shooting

Shooting static targets with state of the art rifles – what’s not to like? Our expert coaches are there to make sure you succeed (one to one), and if you really get the hang of this you can enter our Living Heritage ATEO Challenge of 2018 and maybe even win your own BSA Cadet Rifle. 

Archery with ACA

We have two bow types and each comes in left or right handed form to suit new and experienced archers alike. Our enthusiastic, expert team provides one-to-one coaching to ensure safe, comfortable and accurate bow-shooting – so you become both balloon-buster and dragon-slayer, with a certificate to prove it! (Height restrictions apply – not age)


A short falconry lesson with one of our expert falconers, learning how to hold these magnificent birds properly; how to fly them and a little bit about their care and background.

Great photo opportunity!


Have a twenty minute lesson with one of our fishermen from Salmon and Trout Conservation or Anglian Trust on how to bait your hook and cast it out ready to catch that fish. You may not manage to land a whale, but you will have a great time learning the principles of angling and might catch your first fish.

Please note that some venues may only allow dry skills casting / demonstrating. There is even a chance to participate in one of the Arena Demonstrations.


Our expert fishermen will teach you the ancient art of fly-tying – and you may even be good enough to enter our annual competition.


Crafts Make and Take

We have all types of crafts from sand art and painting pots, to throwing your own pot. You can make dinosaurs, sea-horses and all kinds of magical creatures to take away with you. Suitable for all ages from the very youngest.


Gun Dog Scurries

Also for your gun dog we have the Sandringham Lintran Junior Challenge. Can you get your dog to retrieve a dummy either seen, blind or over some bales? Lots of help and no pressure: you’re there to have fun… but your dog might just surprise you.

Dog Handling 

Bring your gun dog along to our gun dog clinic and our experienced handler Phil Parkin will give you some top tips in handling him and even getting him to do some basic gun dog work.

In the Dog Show

We have three different dog shows with child handling classes: if you have a lurcher there is the lurcher show, a terrier show for the terriers and the Fun Dog Show for all other breeds. In fact children are welcome to enter any class in any dog show, as long as they have control of the dog. Don’t forget your fancy dress costume for the Fun Dog Show!

Medieval Games (free)

Not just medieval, we have games from many centuries in Fiery Jack’s Games Emporium: some you will know very well (like giant Jenga, or croquet) and some you will never have heard of before. Come and play! Challenge your friends or family, or challenge one of the gaming jesters who are always hanging around to explain the rules or get involved.

Cute and Cuddly 

Come and meet some of our small cute and furry creatures in the ferret or hamster tents. The ferrets will be racing every hour on the hour, so come and cheer on your favourites. The hamsters are there to look cute and enjoy the attention!

*parental warning: they do sell hamsters and cages! (But seriously if you are thinking of buying one anyway these are in the best possible condition)

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