At all of our Country Shows we provide a Gift Marquee for gift and trade stands of all sorts that are more comfortable being inside and having space in one of our marquees. Similar to the Craft Marquee this provides space in a relaxed atmosphere and is always situated in a prominent position within the show. Examples of stands within this are home and gift ware, toys, clothing, jewellery, information and charity stands such as the national trust, double glazing and conservatories, pictures and much more.

This varies from show to show and the size of the marquee is determined by the number of exhibitors booked in it. Often, but not always the case, the Gift Marquee is situated close to the shedding block. The shedding block houses similar exhibitors to the Gift Marquee in that it can range from anything to artists, country clothing, footwear, camping and gift stands. The shedding is a row of exhibitors in a long marquee that is sub-divided depending on the number of stands and the size allocated. These are offered in 3m and 6m depths and range from 3m frontage to 12m or more upon request.

 The shedding units are open fronted with the stand facing the main walkways of the show and this can sometimes include facing one of the shows arenas.

Shedding unit

Shedding unit


*Exhibitor Information: Shedding 1 is set on the trade line while Shedding 2 is set two metres back – this is for those wishing to build in front of their unit. For example a clothing stand may wish to put clothing rails outside in front. Shedding 1 is set on the trade line for exhibitors to build up inside only. 


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