Meet some of the many interesting and tasty food producers and retailers that will be attending the Leicestershire Game and Country  Fair Saturday and Sunday – September 24th & 25th 2022

It is the perfect place to buy your favourite food and drink for yourself or a special gift for someone special.

We hope that you enjoy the relaxing and safe shopping experience with plenty of food and drink to take home and enjoy.

Below is a small selection of food exhibitors attending the event.

The Great British Cheese Company

When we think Cheese, we think of quality, artisan made products that can be appreciated by all. This is why we want the name ‘The Great British Cheese Company’ to become synonymous with award winning quality.

Cheese is life, and our cheese is as you used to know it. That is what drives us to become the Multi-award winning company you have grown to be part of. Cheese is not just an ingredient but should be the main feature of the dish, board or plate!


Sunfire Spirits

Sunfire Spirits

The idea for Sunfire Spirits started back in 2017. Fast forward to the beginning of 2019 and I had all the licenses in place and began on the journey of running a full time Micro Distillery, we launched our Dry Gin shortly followed by our Rhubarb Gin. 2019 turned out to be the craziest year of our lives. Now in 2021 our range of products is huge, we’ve branched out in Vodka and Rum with loads of new ideas in place for the next few years.

divine doughnuts

Divine Doughnuts – Hand Crafted Gourmet Doughnuts

Divine Doughnuts is a small independent Artisan Doughnut Bakery in the pleasant country town of Warwick. Our yeast raised doughnuts are made from scratch, they are light and fluffy and free of any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.
“Everyone deserves a treat!”
We all love a nice DOUGHNUTIf you are out and about, you will find our doughnuts on stalls and carts at events around the UK: Country shows,  fine food markets, food festivals and shopping malls. Our freshly made doughnuts are available for your enjoyment.  

Kotinos Foods

We offer our unique mixed and marinated olives and we believe in the quality of our exclusive products. 

Our Greek and Turkish Baklava is made of cashew, pistachio, walnut, and almond. 

Our Turkish delight comes with different flavours and is gluten free, suitable for vegans.

Our sweet and savoury nuts are fresh and ready to be served with a pint of beer or a glass of wine!

giggly pig

Giggly Pig

All our pigs are outdoor reared free-range, rare breed saddleback pigs on our own farm in Romford, Essex.
Saddleback pigs are renown for their delicious taste which is unique to their breed.
Our award winning products produce NO FAT when cooking.
Made from our hand reared, outdoor rare breed British saddleback pigs from our farm in Hornchurch, Essex our sausages are available in 75 different flavours….we’ve got something for everyone’s taste buds!!!

O’Donnell Moonshine – Handmade spirits from Manchester

Following the traditions we use only the best natural ingredients for our brandies and liqueurs. We bottle these in original Mason Jars – just like the gangsters during the American prohibition – to make the unique taste experience complete.

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