There is lots to do and have a go activities at Living Heritage Game and Country Fairs. Plenty of family entertainment with puppet shows, arena attractions and vaiours displays and demonstrations.

Towy Vale Hamsters

Come and see and meet the Towy Vale hamsters in their own marquee. We have various hamsters on display to show you what colours and types of Hamster are now available. Not only can you get FREE information leaflets about all aspects of keeping a hamster but there are many hamster club members who will answer your questions or give advice.
Many of these experts have been keeping hamsters for over 20 years and are regular exhibitors at Hamster Shows.
Also in the marquee are display boards photos of many of the more unusual colours and types of hamster, photos of babies hamsters from 1 day old to 37 days old, photos taken by our members of hamsters (both babies and adults) in all sorts of situations.
If you are interested in acquiring a “pedigree” hamster these are the people to ask.

Pinxton Puppets

The best in traditional English family entertainment! Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. You would think they might have learnt that the wolf is always behind them! Fantastic puppet displays from a master entertainer. You cannot help but be drawn into the fun – especially if you have children with you!

Pinxton Puppets will be in the Countryside Arena.

Ferret Racing

Come and have a flutter on our ferrets! These speedy (and rather adorable) little creatures race in heats of four to be the first through the tunnels, over the see-saw and to emerge, fully, at the other end. Will it be Treacle this year? Or is Gizmo going to hang on to his lead? Maybe it’s Toffee’s year?

Great family entertainment and strangely addictive; once you have arrived you will definitely want to see who wins!

Various Make and Take

In the craft village you will find various opportunities for childrens make and take activities. 

These include sand art, painting and even through a pot, making your very own unique pot made from clay using a potters wheel. 


Moment in Time

Formed in 2010 from an initial idea of a small group of re-enactors with over 75 years of experience between them, a Moment in Time brings together the best of Living History re-enacting.

Since its inception, A Moment in Time has grown to offer many different periods of history within a variety of displays, encompassing eras from early Medieval through to the Mid 20th Century.

Building on a reputation for high standards and identifying the ever increasing need for the more intimate experience, we continue to attract the dedicated living historian to assemble displays which offer closer interaction for both visitors and participants alike.

Our members make the time to talk and discuss the period of history they portray with our visitors, something that is not always possible to do at large scale re-enactment events. This friendly approach to events is at the very heart of A Moment in Time and leads to a much more enjoyable adventure through history.


Our falconry team offer “have a go” sessions for all ages as well as an information stand within the marquee. Here you can see the many different types of birds of prey they have on display, from Alska Owls to Peregrine Falcons.

Be warned some of the arena displays offer children participation.

Fiery Jacks Amazing Games Emporium

Come and play games of all types from down the ages in Fiery Jack’s amazing Games Emporium: from Roman to Victorian, it’s a great place to step out of the hustle and bustle of the show and challenge your friends – or children – to a game of giant quoits, or Jenga, or something less well known. Read about the history and learn from experienced jesters! Fun for the young and the young at heart.


Sleek and gorgeous jaguar cars on display – a Grey 4.2 ltr supercharged Jaguar 420BHP limited to 155mph, a green and black Jaguar 4.2 LTR – 300 BHP – 155 MPH limited and a blue and orange Jaguar 5.0 ltr V8 Supercharged 542 BHP – 186 MPH limited.

This is your opportunity to put your mark on one of them!  Come and buy a sticker for yourself, a family member or a business; write the name on it and add it to the ever-growing  collection of stickers on this jaguar. All money raised will be going toward the excellent work of Bluebell Hospice for Children.

Family Funfair

All the fun of the fun fair. At all of our shows you will find a small funfair with rides for all ages.

Please note that rides may vary from show to show.

Donkey Rides! 

All the fun of the seaside with the childrens favourite Donkey Rides.