At all of our Game and Country Fairs you will find a Craft Village. An area of the show dedicated to the most talented Craftsmen and women in the country.

In here there will be traditional craft demonstrations including the Blacksmiths marquee and the Ian Freemantle Gallery.

In the Craft Marquees you will find craft exhibitors ranging from artists, designers, jewellery makers, ceramics and textiles.

It is the perfect place to buy your loved ones the ideal gift or treat yourself to something special – a shoppers paradise.

Below is a small selection of craft exhibitors attending this event.

Emma Brown

Emma Brown

I’ve been very quiet for the last couple of months, but I’m working hard in the background, catching up with commissions and creating lots of new pieces for 2024 events.
I’ve also been booking lots of events for this year, you’ll see some of my favourite regular events and some exciting new ones!



Isle Home and Garden

We use locally sourced English Hardwood or repurposed hardwood items, to make quality functional products for home and garden use.
Makers of bespoke wedding guest signature boards.



Beautifully Handmade Touches 

We proudly create decoupage gifts for all special occasions,
Whether its for gifts for that someone special or something extra for around the home, we will do our best to meet your needs.


paul bryant
paul bryant

Paul Bryant

My first encounter with the Bob Ross Wet-On-Wet Painting Technique was by pure accident. I was sitting at home on a six-week period of convalescence recovering from a skiing accident after breaking my shoulder. Home alone with the TV remote all to myself, I started scanning the channels. It wasn’t so much the soft speaking voice or the crazy hairstyle that grabbed my attention, but the fact that this man was producing a fantastic oil painting with brushes you would expect to use when painting your front door.

“I can do that” I thought, and I attended various courses in Holland.

Since then I have also qualified as a Bob Ross Instructor. 

Lou Lou Scarf

Lou Lou Scarf started trading in 2019 with an initial focus on handmade scarves created with Harris Tweed and eye catching beautiful, soft cotton linings. Our collection has now been complemented by the addition of Abraham Moon scarves.   

We have recently expanded to include a range of stunning handmade bespoke ladies shawls created with Abraham Moon wool and Liberty cotton linings. Our latest additions include handmade wool ties and waistcoats that are lined with Liberty cotton fabric.

Victoria Baxter

Reclaimed Gems – Jem & Gail Broughton


We are a small reclaimed timber furniture makers, producing bespoke pieces of unique furniture designed by ourselves or even by yourselves.

Victoria Baxter

Little Creative Woodcrafts

Our love for nature and natural materials has been with us since our childhood. We believe in making high-quality, handmade products that are designed to last a lifetime and are kind to the planet. As a family, we share a deep commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

We take pride in crafting each item by hand, using traditional workshop techniques combined with new technology along with the finest materials. From our workshop nestled in the heart of England, we create bespoke items that are both beautiful and functional. We offer a range of eco-friendly products that are that are perfect for a wide variety of uses, including kitchenware, home décor, and even children’s gifts.


Pulse Magnetics

Magnetism is the very foundation of life on earth. The human body has developed over millions of years within a magnetic field. Our body is “electric”, it resonates within a frequency range and is constantly being altered by poor diet, injury, illness, accidents and the possible overexposure to electromagnetic fields so it makes sense to use magnetic therapy to re-balance our body’s natural healing mechanism.

Magnetic therapy products can help to readdress this imbalance by allowing the body to repair itself, from within by either applying powerful magnetic fields to a problem area or by exposing the iron atoms in blood to a Magnetic Field to aid and improve circulation to the whole body.

Stokes of England

Stokes of England – Blacksmith

Visit the blacksmiths tent, bringing an insight into this fascinating and very traditional English craft. Stokes Blacksmiths are at all of our shows.  It is a long standing family business, now run by Chris Stokes, who has been a blacksmith for over thirty years.

He says he loves his work because of the creativity involved; the knowledge that he is leaving a legacy in his work that will last for many many years into the future and that fact that he never knows who his next customer will be. You can even have a go too! Make an original hook or keyring and get involved!

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